Environmentally Friendly Incineration Services for a Greener Kurdistan

Dispose of Waste Responsibly and Safely with Our Advanced Incineration Technology

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Safe and Responsible Waste Disposal

At Xeless, we offer incineration services to various industries in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Whether you are in the healthcare, manufacturing, biotech, cosmetics, veterinary, education, construction, industrial, waste management, hospitality, or agriculture industry, our incineration services provide an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of expired medication, food, chemicals, and more. Instead of taking up valuable space in landfills, our incineration process ensures that waste is efficiently and safely disposed of, contributing to a greener Kurdistan.

Advanced Smoke Filter System for Cleaner Air

What sets us apart from other incineration services is our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our incinerator is equipped with an advanced smoke filter system that effectively captures and neutralizes harmful pollutants, ensuring that the emissions released into the air meet strict environmental standards. With our incineration services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your waste disposal is not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.

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Convenient Location and Capacity

Located on Gazna Road in an industrial area, our facility offers easy access for industries in the Kurdistan Region. We have ample storage and burning capacity to handle large volumes of waste, making us the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a one-time disposal need or require ongoing waste management solutions, we have the resources and expertise to meet your requirements.